Breast Massage Therapy

Breast Massage Therapy

Breast Massage Therapy is a protocol that increases milk flow, relieves engorgement, clogged and/or infected milk ducts.
~This technique incorporates lymphatic drainage, effleurage, acupressure and hot stones.

This massage is done while you are sitting up in a relaxed position and is done on the skin.
~Each clients level of modesty will be respected.
~This massage is for lactating women only.

The appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes and is done in my office at The Motherhood Co.
~An aftercare plan is provided.

This is not a breastfeeding consult so you do not need to bring your baby. You are welcome to bring your baby with another adult. Breastfeeding immediately after the massage can be helpful. I will do my best to provide a private area for you, if a private area isn't available, there is comfortable seating in the main area of The Motherhood Co.

Unfortunately, if only a massage is scheduled, I cannot provide lactation support.
~If you need help with the latch, please also schedule a lactation consult.

~Amey Fields, RN, IBCLC has been certified in Breast Massage Therapy by NCBTMB* approved provider, Candin Garner, LMT, BCTMB)
*(The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)