Prenatal Consult:

This consult is available at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix or as a Virtual (online) consult.

A prenatal breastfeeding consult can be done at anytime during your pregnancy.
I will take a complete health history as well as answer any questions and concerns that may impact your breastfeeding journey.
This appointment is done at The Motherhood Co. and is also available virtually and lasts 45-60 mins.

This consultation can help you if you have had:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding a prior child

  • Low milk supply with a prior child

  • Breast/nipple surgery

  • Flat or inverted nipples

  • Little or no breast changes during the pregancy

  • Health issues

  • Hormonal concerns such as insulin dependent diabetes, history of PCOS or infertility

  • Pregnant with multiples

In office consultation at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix- $100.00 for up to one hour.

Virtual (online) consultation - $75.00 for up to one hour.

Newborn Great Start Consult:

This consult is for parents that want to get breastfeeding off to a great start.
I will come to your home in the first week that you are home with your new baby. It is like a breastfeeding class in your home, with the baby in your arms.
You can wear your pajamas and we can do the consult anywhere in your home, including in your bed! This consult usually lasts 2 hours.
We can discuss:

  • Normal newborn behaviors, including feeding cues

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk

  • Sleep expectations for a newborn and how to gently work on sleep skills for baby and parents

  • Babywearing with a wrap or ring sling

  • Various positions to breastfeed your baby in

  • I will leave you with a list of community resources.

  • I am available through a privacy protected chat option for any questions that you have for up to 2 weeks after we meet.

    In home consult- $225

    In office consult- $200
    (if we have done a prenatal consult- please ask about a discount)

Lactation Consult for Breastfeeding Difficulties:

If you are having challenges and difficulties with breastfeeding, please don’t hesitate to call.
I will bring my hospital grade scale, and all of the tools of my trade, including 20 years of experience working with new m0ms and babies.
I will take a full medical history and do an examination of the baby to address any of the issues you are having. If pumping is a part of the care plan, I will go over your pump, the settings and flange size. After our 2 hours together, you will get a care plan so that you know exactly what to work on after the consult, as well as a plan to contact me for up to 2 weeks after the visit.
I can help you with:

  • a painful latch

  • damaged and bleeding nipples

  • clicking or slurping at the breast and bottle

  • baby comes on and off the breast frequently

  • baby struggles with a fast flow of milk (choking, gagging at the breast)

  • difficulty breastfeeding on both breasts (side preference) or in varying positions

  • concerns about your babies weight gain (slow or fast weight gain)

  • tongue tie/lip ties

  • gassy, fussy babies with signs of reflux

  • possible food sensitivities (baby has eczema type rashes and/or concerns with their stool)

In office consultation at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix- $200.00 for the initial visit

In home visit- $250 for the initial visit

(if we have done a prenatal consult- please ask about a discount)

Special Challenges:
oral challenges including, but not limited to, oral restrictions like tongue, lip and/or buccal ties.

Is your baby struggling to breastfeed and you have met with your pediatrician, a lactation specialist or other provider and they say that everything is good but you know that it’s not?
Has your baby been diagnosed or has it been suggested that your baby has oral restrictions? (tongue, lip and/or buccal ties)
Has your baby had oral restrictions released and things did not get better?
Are you stuck using a nipple shield?

  • One of my specialties is helping babies that are struggling after a tongue and/or lip tie release. The best scenario is when I can assess the baby prior to a release, but this doesn't always happen.
    If we meet before the release, I can give the parents a plan that includes how long to wait to do the release and pre-procedure exercises that will help get the best outcome. I also will discuss adding a bodyworker to the team for the best outcome.
    Sometimes the release is done and parents don’t feel like they have the support they need, or they are not seeing the results they hoped and thought they would.
    I have had special training in oral rehabilitation and I can help your baby integrate the release.
    These same skills can help babies that are struggling breastfeed better.

Contact me if you have questions.
Because of the tools needed, I only do this consult at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix.

If you need help and you are not in the Phoenix area, please contact me directly, we can discuss your options and I can give you resources.

In office consultation at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix- $225

Follow up consults: Current clients only

Follow up consults for current clients can be done after a Great Start Consult or a Consult for Breastfeeding Difficulties.
We can do a weight check, update the care plan and go over any questions that you may have.

In office follow up at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix-
$75.00 for the first follow up (one hour) and $40 for each additional follow up- (30 minutes)

Virtual (online) consultation - initial visit and initial follow up must be done in person. After that we can meet virtually - $25

Pumping and milk storage:

You may be an exclusive pumping mama, you may want to pump occasionally or you may be returning to work and you need help going over your pump, flange size and milk storage.
I can do this consult virtually or at The Motherhood Co.

In office consultation at The Motherhood Co. in Phoenix- $125.00 for one hour.

Virtual (online) consultation - $75.00 for one hour.

Payment Information:

I am not contracted with any insurance companies but I can provide you with a superbill receipt with diagnostic codes that you can use to file for possible reimbursement from your insurance.
You can call your insurance to see if they have an IBCLC in network within 30 miles of you. If they don’t, ask for an out of network gap exception. Please reach out to me at 623-687-6659 and I can provide you with my NPI and EIN numbers. This does not guarantee reimbursement.

I take any form of payment including HSA, FSA, debit, credit, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

I do offer military, teacher, nurse and first responder discounts.