Sometimes we don’t know or we question when we need assistance with breastfeeding.

If there is a problem- there is a solution.

Here are some possible indicators that a Lactation Consultant should be called.


Maternal Indicators

  • Breast or nipple pain or trauma
  • Breast engorgement
  • History of breastfeeding difficulty with previous children
  • Minimal/No breast changes during pregnancy and/or by 1st week after birth
  • You are using a nipple shield
  • Maternal anxiety related to breastfeeding
  • Re-lactation

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Infant Indicators

  • Baby is not latching well in 24 hours of life
  • No audible swallowing noted by 48 hours of age
  • Baby is not satisfied after feeding as evidenced by crying, finger sucking, rooting
  • Inadequate stool output defined as less than 2-3 stools, per 24 hours, by day 2-3
  • Inadequate urine output defined as less than 2 voids, per 24 hours, by day 2
  • Failure to feed at least 8X per 24 hrs, in the 1st week
  • Infants fretful at breast: squirming, crying, pulling, coming off breast
  • Inadequate weight gain; (minimum wt. gain of 1/2 to 1 oz. per day)
  • Infant weight loss>5% within 24 hours or 10% total weight lost
  • Infant receiving pumped breastmilk


If you feel for any reason you need to speak with someone concerning your breastfeeding relationship or you have questions, please feel free to contact me today.

 I would love to speak with you.