My name is Amey Clark and I am a mom, a nurse, a Lamaze childbirth educator and a lactation consultant.

I have three children, Callahan, Emma and Conner. Each one of my birth experiences have been very different and each one has shaped me to be the nurse I am today. I have experienced a natural birth with a midwife, a AZ Breastfed Babieshospital birth with an OB, and a Cesarean section for a persistent breech baby!

I am a nurse with 20 years of hospital experience, 17 years as a labor, delivery and postpartum nurse. It was during this time that my love for birth grew.

In 2010 I was given the opportunity to run the community education department at a hospital and I began teaching childbirth and newborn care classes to expectant parents. I also started and facilitated a wonderful postpartum support group called Circle of Mothers. My love for birth grew deeper and blossomed and while teaching childbirth classes and providing breastfeeding support I found my passion. It took me about two years to get the clinical hours and classes that I needed to become a iBoard Certified Lactation Consultant. (IBCLC)

I had the honor of working at a freestanding birth center from January of 2012 until December of 2013. This experience showed me how powerful natural birth can be and how much better the process of birth works when a woman is allowed to follow her instinct and to be supported by others that believe in birth. While working at the birth center I was able to work as a birth assistant with both Licensed Midwives and Certified Nurse Midwives. I was also able to continue to run the community education department, offer breastfeeding support and I created and facilitated a postpartum support group that still exists today.

I currently am a nurse educator at Premier Care for Woman in Surprise, Az. Premier Care for Women pairs the care of an OB, Dr. Gary Newman, and Certified Nurse Midwives, Janette Drogowski, Amanda Simon, and Yvonne Downs. This well rounded care supports low intervention rates, natural births, VBACS, and gentle cesarean births.

I also offer private, in home lactation consultations. It is my passion to help moms and babies learn the breastfeeding dance as well as teach classes and to continue to offer postpartum support. See my Lactation Services for more information.

I am also pet friendly so do not hesitate to let your friendly pets say hi when I come to your home for a consult!